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CD Information

CD-DA (Red Book)

CD-DA is an audio-only format usually referred to as Red Book audio or CD-quality audio. Index points and variable gaps between tracks are implemented via P-Q sub-codes.

CD-ROM (Yellow Book)

Disc-Read-Only Memory discs are used as an archival medium for computer data. CD-ROM discs provide more error correction than the CD-DA discs

CD-I (Green Book)

CD-I are employed to better synchronize sound with graphics than in the standards provided in Mode 2 CD-ROM.

CD-R/RW (Orange Book)

CD-R/RW discs allow for multiple files to be recorded on a single disc. CD-RW discs allow for files to be written over existing files, thus multiplying the usages of the disc.

Photo CD

Photo CDs provide multi-session capabilities. Kodak Photo CD discs can be read only by drives that support the CD-ROM XA architecture.

Video CD (White Book)

The Video CD is a means to store movies and high-quality video presentations that is based on the CD-ROM XA architecture. It uses MPEG-1 to compress audio and video.

Super Video CD

Super Video CDs are an evolution of the Video CD, using high-quality Variable Bit-Rate (VBR) MPEG-2 compression instead of MPEG-1, as featured in the Video CD format.

Enhanced CD/CD+ (Blue Book)

Enhanced CD/CD+ disc is a multi-session format composed by a first session in CD-DA format and a second session in CD-XA format. One session contains a regular selection of audio tracks, while the second session contains computer data and/or video clips. Enhanced discs can be played in normal CD players as audio discs as well as in computer CD-ROM players as multimedia discs.

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