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Digital Media Duplication vs Replication

CD DVD duplication is for runs of 500 or less and is similar to burning a CD or DVD on your home computer. A CD\DVD duplicator extracts data from the master disc and writes it to a blank disc. The difference between burning multiple CD\DVD-Rs at a duplication facility and burning one on your computer desktop is that the duplication facility burns hundreds at a time on towers that are linked together. Each tower contains several CD\DVD trays so that many copies can be created simultaneously. After the data has been written onto the blank CD\DVD-R, the information is verified with the master for quality assurance.

CD DVD replication is for runs of 500 or more. Disks are created during the manufacturing process. Before the replication process gets underway, the client master is evaluated for data corruption. Then, a glass master containing the data from the client supplied master is created. Replication finally begins when a flawless glass master is assured and then used to develop a stamper. The stamper is then loaded into an Injection Molding machine that creates exact CD/DVD replicates. A layer of micro-thin aluminum is applied to the polycarbonate disc abefore it is lacquered for additional protection.

The client supplied master for duplicated and/or replicated disks is a CD-R or DVD-R.

Advantages of CD/DVD Duplication

In addition to shorter turn around-times, digital full color printing is available with no film or prepress charges.

Disadvantages of CD/DVD Duplication

Cost per unit for duplication is higher than replication and most products are not shrink-wrapped.

Advantages of CD/DVD Replication

Unit costs are lower than duplicated discs and also shrink-wrapped. As well, offset printing and screen printing are both available for replicated discs.

Disadvantages of CD/DVD Replication

The standard turn around-time is 7-10 business days, so it’s a longer process than duplication and the minimum order requirement is 500 units.

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