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We Are Your Factory Direct Manufacturing Specialists

CD DVD BluRay Duplication Replication Usb Flash Custom Apparel

Vinyl Records and More!

You can GO

GREEN with us!

Eco Friendly Printing

with vegetable oil

based inks

with recycled cardstock

sleeves & digipaks

Eco Friendly Packaging

Custom Usb Flash Drives

Imprinted with you logo

Great for trade shows!

Need CD's or DVD's Fast?

We can duplicate and print CDs or DVD's in as little as 3 days!

Full color print bulk or in packaging

Your a profesional artist

Top Quality Retail Ready

CD's and DVD's

Factory Direct Eco Friendly

Eco Sleeves and Digipaks

CD and DVD Products like

so make sure your CD's are too!

Get the products you need for your big show!

CD's - DVD's - Vinyl - T Shirts - Stickers - Posters - Tickets - Banners

Wholesale CD DVD BluRay USB and Digital Media Manufacturing Services Canada

Branded Usb Flash Drives

We have literally 100's of custom Usb flash drives to choose from, like standard plastic, metal, or wood, to custom moulded shapes like cars, bottles, sports shapes, and more. Imprinting options include screen or pad printing, laser engraving, and etching.

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CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Products

Eco-Friendly short and large run CD, DVD, Blu-Ray disc manufacturing, printing, and packaging. We offer in house duplication and factory direct replication in the US and Canada. Custom packaging in standard jewel cases, Eco sleeves, Digipaks, Eco wallets, DVD and BluRay library cases and more.

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Fill out our quote form and get pricing for your project. It's fast, easy, and you'll receive a custom quote emailed to you. For Immediate assistance call toll free 1-888-675-6820 x 101

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LDDM Lo Down Digital Media is a full service digital media company.

Specializing in CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, duplication, replication, short run eco friendly custom packaging, 7" inch and 12" inch vinyl, promotional print and business identity items, Apparel, posters, stickers, banners and more. We offer in house optical disk duplication and licensed factory direct pressed (glass mastered) disk replication. We serve all of Canada and the United States with manufacturing facilities located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Mississauga, Ontario Canada, Santa Ana, California and Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States. We offer free shipping and a price guarantee.